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Bill Mccullough

I have been in Sales for over 30 years and I absolutely love Sales!!! I enjoy meeting new people and I have met some really wonderful people who have introduced me to some intriguing products over the years. I also love to eat good food, especially flavorful, aromatic Italian food – you know what I’m talking about here – that kind of Italian flavor that brings the scent of olives, oregano and a touch of garlic to mind. The kind of food that helps you travel to Italy in your mind when you smell and taste it.

Through my earlier years, my Irish heritage had me thinking that a seven course gourmet meal consisted of a six pack and a potato. I can’t begin to describe the festival of senses I was introduced to when I discovered Italian Gourmet foods and spices.

Instant Gourmet spices and Rustic Italiano seasoning

This wonderful line of spices was created right here in St. Petersburg, Florida. “The Original” spice was the inspiration of Phil LaMarche over 40 years ago ? it’s the ‘go with anything’ spice that truly enhances the taste of everything.

Although Instant Gourmet makes many fine spices, The Rustic Italiano is truly the Star of the line because is so versatile – it has a very robust flavor and is healthy too. The makeup of this full flavored spice is raw vegetables that have been dehydrated so they retain all their nutrition. When you cook with this spice, the vegetables re-hydrate that wonderful Italian flavoring comes alive in anything you are preparing.

Galli Gourmet Italian Foods

Ken Galli created his first product, Italian Olive Salad when he was 18 years old and working in a butcher shop in Chicago. The Olive Salad won the ‘Best Condiment’ award at a Gourmet show in Texas.

Today, over 60 years later, Galli has perfected the art of Italian cuisine with a full array of traditional Italian style food toppings. Ken strives for authenticity and imports his unfiltered olive oil, infused olive oil, aged balsamic and infused aged balsamic directly from Sicily.

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